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. Self Watering Herb Garden (3 Plants Per set)

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Start your gardening journey the fun, simple and easy way!

Our self watering herb garden set makes maintaining herb plants easy! Just put water in the pan and let the plant 'drink' when it's 'thirsty'! no need to keep guessing on when and how much water is needed!

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1 pc Reservoir Pan

6 pcs Stone Pebbles (approx qty)

3 pcs Herbs in self watering pots (Basil, Mint, Rosemary)

Established Potted Plants are 4-8 inch in height

Pot Size and Make:  3 pcs White Deco Pot. 4 inches

Plant Size: 4 inches and up

Packaging: Covered in plastic (to preserve soil moiture during delivery)

Delivery: Same Day to Next Day

Payment: COD or Bank Transfer

Quality Guarantee:

Our plants are checked at the farm, at the fulfillment center and by the drivers prior to delivery

Customers can inspect/accept/reject items upon delivery

We have a Replacement Guarantee for Delivered Items. Just contact our Aftersales team.

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For other questions or concerns:

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Care Instructions

Water plants thoroughly right after delivery. 

Plants need TLC. The information serves as a guide but best is to look at the plant, check the leaves and the soil.


Watering: Put Water in the pan 1-2 times a week (when water level is low)

Sun: Morning Sun or Partial Shade at least once a week


Watering: Put Water in the pan 1-2 times a week (when water level is low)

Remove excess water from rain.

*Make sure water does not go over the bottom of the self-watering pots

Common Questions:

1) My Plant is wilting, what should I do?

If leaves are browning from the sides and leaves are droopy, water with 1 cup water and let out in morning sun or partial shade

2) My Plant has yellow leaves, what should I do?

Put the plant in morning sun/partial. Add vermicast or organic fertilizer then water so the nutrients get to the root zone.

3) Can I pick the leaves?

Yes you can, pruning actually promotes new leaf growth. Just be careful that you don't disturb the plant roots and not too prune too much.