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X. Self Watering Ang Pao Money Tree (Indoor Plant)

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Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Lucky Elements and a Lively Plant Decor!

Self Watering Ang Pao Money Trees are decorated with Two Ang Pao and Come Free with Eight Extra Ang Paos!

Money Trees are a relatively easy indoor plant. They are also rooted and 10-15 inches high.

Care Instructions

How Self-Watering Systems Work

Self watering systems let plants 'drink' from a reservoir source. Soil moisture is maintained via wicks which help move water from the tank to the plant roots! This means reduced risk of wilting, and less maintenance!

Plants need TLC. The information serves as a guide but best is to look at the plant, check the leaves and the soil.


Watering: Water 1-2  times a week. Put Water in the Drip Pan Below and the wick will carry water to the soil and roots!

Sun: Morning Sun or Partial Shade at least once a week


Soil: Replant Trees in Compost Rich  Soil

Watering: Water 1-2 times a week or as needed

Sun: Full Sun for Trees

Common Questions:

1) My Plant is wilting, what should I do?

If leaves are browning from the sides and leaves are droopy, water with 1 cup water and let out in morning sun or partial shade

2) My Plant has yellow leaves, what should I do?

Put the plant in morning sun/partial. Add vermicast or organic fertilizer then water so the nutrients get to the root zone.

3) Can I pick the leaves?

Yes you can, pruning actually promotes new leaf growth. Just be careful that you don't disturb the plant roots and not too prune too much.