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. Bestseller! Potted Lavender Plant (Per Pc)

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Established Potted Plant. 4-8 inch height


1x herb plant in a seedling bag


Plant is grown in a bag and inside a pot. This makes it easy to water/maintain as is or transplant to a bigger pot or your garden

Care Instructions

Water plants thoroughly right after delivery. 

Plants need TLC. The information serves as a guide but best is to look at the plant, check the leaves and the soil.


Watering: Water 1-2 times a week

Sun: Morning Sun or Partial Shade at least twice a week


Soil: Replant Lavender in Fast Draining Soil

 Watering: Water 1-2 times a week

Sun: Partial shade / Morning Sun for Lavender

Common Questions:

1) My Plant is wilting, what should I do?

If leaves are browning from the sides and leaves are droopy, water with 1 cup water and let out in morning sun or partial shade

2) My Plant has yellow leaves, what should I do?

Put the plant in morning sun/partial. Add vermicast or organic fertilizer then water so the nutrients get to the root zone.

3) Can I pick the leaves?

Yes you can, pruning actually promotes new leaf growth. Just be careful that you don't disturb the plant roots and not too prune too much.