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. Sweet Mango (Per 500g)

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No pesticides and chemical fertilizers. These sweet mangoes are bagged early on (to prevent insect and pest damage), picked by hand, and put in bamboo "kaings." We don't put carburo (calcium carbide) and just allow the manges to ripen into their perfect, yellow sweetness!

*Mangoes may be delivered semi-ripe to prevent transport damage

Mango FAQ

1. How do I ripen green mangoes?

    Whatever you do, DON'T REFRIGERATE Green Mangoes! Just leave them on the counter and wait for a few days until they are yellow. If you're in a rush, then put the mangoes in a brown paper bag with a banana and seal the paper bag.

2. How do I store ripe mangoes?

     Ripe mangoes should be stored in the fridge. Not only will they be more delicious to eat (personal opinion), but they will last fresher, longer!

3. Why are my mangoes sour?

    Did you eat them green? :) Mangoes turn from aromatic sweet to an almost ripe papaya sweetness as they continuously ripen.


4. My Mangoes have insect damage, what can I do?

    We inspect and sort at multiple stages: At the Farm, at the Fulfillment Center, With Quality Control Prior to Delivery and With the Customer Upon Delivery. Still, we might miss out on some damage. No Worries, we have a replacement program to help out. Just email us your concern @homegrownorganicph and our aftersales team will get in touch with you right away! 


Health Benefits of Mangoes

Mangoes are rich in dietary fiber that has positive effects in eliminating degenerative diseases including heart conditions and cancers. Mangoes also have high potassium contents perfect for those who engage in strenuous activities